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You Have the Power of Kindness (Book)

You Have The Power of Kindness is a book that can change the lives of people around you as well as your own. Your business can improve as you are more kind to customers and prospective customers. Your relationships can improve by being even just a little more kind to one another. Kindness can change the world one person at a time.

The stories contained in my most recent book, You Have The Power of Kindness, reveal how lives were touched by a simple gesture or a deliberate, unselfish use of one’s time or just a moment of plain thoughtfulness.

Being kind comes naturally to some. For others, there must be a change of mindset. It’s not about feeling sorry for someone. Kindness is deeper than that. Kindness is mentally or even emotionally putting your feet in someone else’s shoes. Then taking a walk.

Contributing Authors Include:

  • Darren LaCroix
  • Azizah Abu Hassan
  • Chuck Mencke
  • Elaine Lung
  • Essam A. Al Ahmed
  • Jackie Kloosterboer
  • Monica Miller
  • Paddy Kennedy
  • Sondra Nunez
  • Victoria Ferrer

The gift of kindness is the something everyone can participate in. Start being kind with baby steps and see how your life changes as you change the lives around you.

The Power of Kindness book by Dana Morgan-Barnes and foreword by Darren LaCroix
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