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About Dana

About Dana Morgan-Barnes

Dana Morgan-Barnes author, speaker, coachI grew up in Los Angeles, CA. where the atmosphere was electric and culture was as fast paced as the cars on the Pacific Coast Highway. I learned how to communicate and interact with a wide array of people and situations. In 1990 I moved to and fell in love with the Rocky Mountain region. Eventually settling in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the deer and the buffalo really do play.

I have a passion for people and seeing them succeed and reach their potential.

As an Author, Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I offer workshops, keynote speeches, and coaching. I can aid in you reaching your personal & professional goals and your presentation/speaking goals through goal setting, practice and practical application of proven methods. Working together, we will be able to move you in the desired direction to reach your objectives.

Personal & Professional Goals

Whether you are looking for the next career move, a better work/life balance or a healthier life, coaching will help you reach those goals. Digging deep to find what really drives you and asking those tough questions: this is where the journey begins!

You don’t need to be stuck. You have what it takes to make the changes that will transform your life. Setting realistic goals and pushing through the goals you never expected to set; this is where the fun starts! Put the negative talk behind you, look for the positive in your life and in the life of those around you. Build on those relationships and reach your goals!

Sharing a process to reach life goals, being healthy and happy is my passion. I believe the direction I have found for myself is working and I can live with for the long term. I want to share my discoveries with others.

You can be empowered in every area of your life, you can find your path and follow it to the best version of you!

Speaker Coach

I am a certified World Class Speaking Coach, so I have learned from the best! I have been coaching speakers for years and this intensive training helped me hone my skills to help you become the speaker you are meant to be.

You may struggle with nervousness, stage presence or arranging content. We will work together to make your presentations engaging and memorable. We will utilize Skype, Zoom, YouTube and other media resources to you reach your speaking potential.

Each of us has a story to tell or a lesson we’ve learned. We want to share our knowledge and experience to help others on their journeys. Let’s work together to make your message powerful and memorable.