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Speaker Coaching

Coaching for Intermediate and Beginning Professional Speakers

A speaking coach is essential to help you become a better speaker for when it really counts; when you’re in front of an audience that has never met you before.  Whether you are a beginning professional speaker or you’ve been at it a while, your speaking skills may have areas of improvement that only a qualified speaking coach can detect. Speakers always have room for improvement. You need someone on the outside looking at your speaking to help you improve.

Coach Dana offers coaching to intermediate speakers wanting to increase their skills and beginners wanting to enter the professional speaking business.

Speaking Coaching Methods

Speaking coaching by Coach Dana can be conducted in person; although, Dana lives in Cheyenne, WY. Most of her speaking coaching is conducted by way of Skype or Zoom. Her coaching clients have originated from various states of the U.S. and she has had clients as far away as Europe.

Each program is customized for each student. Each coaching candidate meets with Dana in person or by Skype prior to formal engagement. Dana’s first objective is to find out what the person is doing in the area of speaking, what they are trying to do, and then plot a course for improvement. Each presentation is different and each presenter is an individual. A customized approach is essential for each speaker coaching client so that you can build on the skills you already have.

How is Coach Dana Different?

Dana recognizes learning as the best time of enjoyment. Her main goal is for you to have fun learning how to become a better speaker so that your audience will have fun during your presentations. When both happen, your message gets heard. The other result from a fun approach to learning and performing is that you will be asked back to speak again, which is one of the main goals you want to achieve with any speaking opportunity.

Client Case Study Summary

One of the people Dana coached is a scientist and botanist. She gives presentations about plants. Originally, the client incorporated so many science facts to her speeches that she sounded more like she was reciting a text book than performing a speech. After some coaching sessions, Dana met with the client in person and watched her revised presentation as she delivered it to a live audience. The audience was laughing and having a good time! Most importantly, the audience was paying attention to her and what she was saying. They understood and retained her message.

What to Do Next

Contact Dana by phone at 307-220-1109 or complete the contact form to schedule a complimentary, no obligation, consult to see if you and Dana are a good fit for working together.

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