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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Everybody wanting to have a better life, build better habits and attain their goals needs a life coach. A coach helps you to see things differently. Dana is not a business coach, although she has helped many clients with their businesses. Coach Dana sees Life Coaching in a different way. It’s about finding your path to your goals, whether it’s work, family or goals. Coach Dana also offers wellness coaching in the areas of weight loss, nutrition and exercise for a healthier and longer life.

One of Dana’s clients had a goal of running a 10K in Hawaii. He was a cube-rat, and works nights and sleeps all day, he hoards, and is over-weight. He called Coach Dana only six months before the 10K event. Even though there wasn’t a lot of time to address all of his challenges, progress was made! No, he didn’t wind up running the 10K yet but he did compete a 7K which he was very happy with.

Another client had too many urgent goals at one time. Dana and the client were able to prioritize these goals. Some were only worked on once a week, as time allowed. Others were in the forefront and addressed daily. Coach Dana helped this client have more focus on what really mattered today and feel calmer about the future.

Coach Dana has a question and answer period about why the potential client is wanting to be coached and where they want to be and why they are not there already. Every client is individual. Dana don’t have a “read this and do that” cookie cutter program. There are of course, lots of questions, digging deep, journaling or reading. It’s your coaching and it’s designed for you.

If you’re looking for a coach that fixes your problems, Coach Dana not for you. But, if you are someone looking to dig deep and work on the best YOU, then let’s get started!

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Through our coaching, you will discover ways to enhance your pricing to get you more profits, more clients that are better suited for you and your business, more satisfied clients and you have more free time.