Let's Go!

On the mornings I don't teach Zumba at 5AM, I go walking in our subdivision. As long as the weather is good, I'll go. Here in Wyoming, that could mean May through September. Or as early as April and as late as December. All depends on the weather...cold is one thing. I can always layer. It's the wind that will stop me.

You can't do anything about the wind. Even when the temperature is warm, a 30 mph wind makes walking outside unpleasant. So on days like today....I enjoy every step.

I use my walks for more than just exercise.  I also think, write speeches and pray.  For me, it’s a very productive time and I miss this time when winter hits.
Today though, I delighted in the dark calmness…the peace.  When it’s just me and the starts.  I feel God is close. He and I have some pretty awesome chats on days like this.

On my “usual” route, there are hills and valleys.  Sort of like life: some ups and some downs.  Several of these hills are pretty darn steep.  It’s the nature of where we live and I love it.

As I was powering up one of these hills, I was struck with the realization that although it was steep….I never changed my pace.  I remembered when we first moved out here:  I would dread these hills.  But I knew there was no way around them.

At first I had to slow down and after have to stop half way up.  As I became more healthy and able, I saw them as challenges to overcome, to see just how I would get up and over.  Now I revel in knowing that I can take these hills with confidence. 

This is all very much like life.  Ups and downs, challenges and victories.  Some days are very good and others…I am grateful to have made it through.
As I grow stronger and more able, I look forward to overcoming the challenges of life.  I know, if I keep moving forward, stay strong, I can take on what comes my way.

What are you doing every day to stay on your journey?  To stay strong and focused?  Never stop, don’t give in or give up.

Let’s GO!!!!!


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