Have you ever been down?  Could be about family or work or life in general.  Have you wondered am I at the right job, am I making good decisions, do I need to change?  What would I change? Do you think “where has my passion gone and was THAT really my passion?”  

Whether you want to admit it, everyone goes through times of self-doubt or “what if’s”.  Looking deeply at our lives and where we are is part of growing and becoming sharper.  Making changes, adjusting our sails, so to speak, is necessary to reach goals and be successful.

Some folks take longer to work through this process than others. Not sure what to do or where to turn, one can slip into solitude.  You may be one of these folks who fall into a ditch, get into a depression, when life looks a bit sideways.  Short term, this is not all bad.  Be mindful though if you are this person.  Know when you are pulling away and seek help.  You don’t want to stay there too long.

Whichever you are, we all need a kick start from time to time.  Someone to bounce our thoughts off of and who will listen without bias.  Who should that person be?  Friends and family members are usually pretty handy and since they love us, who would be better?

Here’s the trouble with this choice:  they love us.  These are people who want the best for us and don’t want us to get hurt.  They are biased.  They will listen but their advice will usually lean towards making you feel good and whatever makes you happy.  This may make us have a warm and fuzzy feeling, but it’s not what we need and not even what we want.

I suggest a coach, mentor or counselor.  Someone who is not personally attached to you, but invested in you.  There is a difference!!  Yes, they want you to be successful.  Yes, they listen and will give advice.  The big difference is your friendship is not on the line.  Family dinner is not on the line.  When a coach tells you the truth, it might sting.  That is usually because it’s the truth.  And without honest input, our out go will not be promising.

Here’s a fact for you:  successful people have coaches.  They don’t do it all on their own.  They have that person, or persons, who they bounce ideas off of, talk through questions and look for truthful input.

The next time you feel like you’re not sure what your next step will be.  If you are not where you want to be and know there is a way to get there, you just haven’t found it yet.  Reach out.  Reach out to that person you know, like and trust.  That person you hate because they are honest with you.  That same person you love because they are honest with you.  Look around and you will find help and inspiration. 

It IS OK to be down.  Out is not an option.

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